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Craft Coffee On The Move 

Founded in 2020, JuJu’s Coffee aims to host an atmosphere full of JOY and LOVE through quality coffee. We want to make memories with the people we serve. If we could change just one person’s day with one simple interaction and one delicious beverage, we did our job. Since JuJu’s Coffee is mobile, we can serve ANYWHERE. 


Our Story

We are just a young couple on the hunt for joyous memories.


Co-owners Nick Rocha and Julia Nichols got their hands on OTIS THE AIRSTREAM in the summer of 2020. All three of them love coffee and love people, it was meant to be. It was only a matter of time until they all hit it off and decided that the DFW area would be their home. 

Nick and Julia Rocha both cherish the people surrounding them and wanted to simply make memories for a living. We not only want to make our own memories but also be a part of other people's memories. JuJu's Coffee was truly birthed out of a desire to meet more people and host an atmosphere that brought joy to those people. 


Many creative and unique ideas have been birthed through a fun conversation and a good cup of coffee. It would make all of this worth it if we could all three host a place that would inspire you. 

Meet The Team

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